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at the SPA Resort Therme Geinberg

Exotic feel-good massages

Experience a captivating world rich in sounds, fragrant herbs and warm oils. Recharge
your batteries and discover oriental healing and exoticism.

Singing bowl treatment

This special spa experience involving singing bowls is a highly effective and gentle form of relaxation. The sounds of the singing bowls relieve tension and energy blockages, activate your self-healing powers and harmonise body and mind.

50 Min. € 70,00 Enquire treatment

Shi Tao stone massage

An Asian relaxing massage with hot lava stones and aromatic oils. The warmth of the stones combined with gentle strokes bring deep relaxation and activate the flow of energy in your body. A perfect anti-stress treatment.

75 Min. € 96,00 Enquire treatment


A soothing full-body massage with warm oils for deep relaxation. This Ayurvedic massage is highly recommended for exhaustion, stress and tension thanks to its harmonising, relaxing and vitalising effect. The gentle strokes help you to detach from everyday life.

75 Min. € 98,00 Enquire treatment

Abhyanga with Shirodara

A wonderfully relaxing combination of Ayurvedic full body massage and oil poured over the forehead. The steady stream of oil leads to deep relaxation, body and spirit are harmonised and the vegetative nervous system is rebalanced.

105 Min. € 158,00 Enquire treatment


This particularly gentle and sensitive massage of the face, head and neck is effective for headaches, migraines and neck tension, and improves sleep.

75 Min. € 86,00 Enquire treatment

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

This Hawaiian temple massage is an extraordinary combination of firm body work, gentle stretching and long, flowing strokes for incomparable relaxation. Lomi Lomi Nui releases stress blockages, relieves tension and brings about new vitality.

60 Min. € 86,00 Enquire treatment

Pantai Luar massage

A pleasurable massage with fragrant, warm, herb-filled compresses. Smooth strokes and gentle, circular movements soothe body, mind and soul, relieve tension and activate cell renewal.

30 Min. € 52,00 Enquire treatment
60 Min. € 82,00
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