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Beauty weekends in Austria: body treatments
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Wellness for the whole body

Body treatments

St. Barth Softness & Sensation

A wonderfully relaxing combination of exfoliation and a body wrap with LIGNE ST BARTH products. The scrub leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed and prepares your skin perfectly for the nourishing body wrap. Premium active ingredients provide intensive moisturising for silky soft skin. This experience is topped off with a relaxing facial massage.

70 Min. € 98,00 Enquire treatment

Moore & More

Feel the benefit of the power of nature to detox! The peat body wrap relieves tension with its special natural ingredients, and is ideal for joint disorders and back pain with its muscle-warming, analgesic effect. After resting with the wrap on, we pamper you with a relaxing herbal oil massage.

120 Min. € 104,00 Enquire treatment
120 Min. € 190,00

Ladies’ special

Wrap yourself slim! The sea salt and algae wrap tightens and smooths the skin and can reduce body measurements. A lymphatic drainage facial will relax you while stimulating lymphatic flow, while the décolleté wrap pampers and firms your delicate skin. This is followed by moisturising
aloe vera gel so you can enjoy noticeably revitalised skin.

55 Min. € 82,00 Enquire treatment

Cleopatra wrap

This nourishing wrap with honey, milk and precious oils provides plenty of natural nutrients for silky smooth skin.

20 Min. € 40,00 Enquire treatment

Detox wrap

The combination of sea salt and algae in this detoxifying wrap stimulates the metabolism, boosts circulation and provides the skin with minerals.

20 Min. € 40,00 Enquire treatment

St. Barth softness & sensation [goat butter cream wrap in the tree structure]

This premium body wrap with vitamins, minerals and trace elements intensively moisturises, regenerates and nourishes your skin and can relieve eczema.

20 Min. € 42,00 Enquire treatment

Vinotherapy bouquet

This massage with purifying body powder stimulates the body's detoxification processes. Warm grape seed oil blended with herbal essences nourishes the skin intensively and the final stage is a body wrap which drains and detoxifies the body.

50 Min. € 79,00 Enquire treatment
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