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World of HEALTH

Healthy and energised at the SPA Resort Therme Geinberg

Medical services

We offer high quality, natural treatment methods that can enhance your inner and outer
beauty. The holistic approach plays a crucial role in bringing about a
sense of healthy well-being and vitality.

Beauty & anti-stress infusion therapy

Vitamin C is essential for maintaining the skin’s vitality and youthful appearance and for avoiding premature wrinkles. This therapy with a high dose of vitamin C is the ideal strategy for remaining youthful and also helps with infections, stress and psychological strain.

45 Min. € 80,00 Enquire treatment

Colon hydro therapy

Poor diet, drugs, stress and lifestyle can lead to problems with the bowel and our health. This gentle therapy brings about intense cleansing and detoxification, by mobilising and flushing out accumulated matter. The bowel is restored to health, leading to renewed vitality and well-being.

90 Min. € 120,00 Enquire treatment

Metabolic balance

The tried and tested nutritional programme with personal nutrition plan for improved health and your ideal weight.

€ 440,00 Enquire treatment

Dietary advice

Individual consultation with plenty of advice and tips for living with a healthier diet.

60 Min. € 90,00 Enquire treatment

Health check

To determine your current state of health, a medical examination is carried out, including blood pressure measurement, resting ECG and a simple blood test. Afterwards, we will discuss the results and possible therapeutic measures with you.

50 Min. € 149,00 Enquire treatment

Body Composition

The relationship between muscle and bone mass, body fat compared with abdominal fat and the amount of water in your body gives your biological age. After only a few seconds, you will find out how your weight is distributed and what it means for your health.

25 Min. € 45,00 Enquire treatment

Stress test

Poor diet, smoking, and everyday pressures are the most common causes of oxidative stress. Measuring free oxygen radicals is worthwhile as a precautionary test.
A drop of blood from your finger is all we need and the results can be analysed straight away.

25 Min. € 57,00 Enquire treatment
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