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Beauty treatments at the SPA Resort Therme Geinberg

Healthy & beautiful! Relax and enjoy our highly effective range of beauty treatments, delivered in a peaceful, relaxing and revitalising atmosphere.

Facial Treatments

St. Barth Pureness

Facial & décolleté treatment. The effect of high quality herbal products with natural vitamins and minerals is complemented by wonderfully delicate Caribbean fragrances, which help you drift off into an exotic world. Your skin will be left more clear, fresh and even. A soothing hand massage scented with bourbon vanilla or Caribbean tiaré flowers completes a sense of wellbeing.

80 Min. € 116,00 Enquire treatment Book treatment

Intense purifying

Intensive cleansing facial treatment. Your skin? Clean and soft. Your face? Radiant. Leaving you feeling bright and full of energy. For a visibly fresher complexion and a healthy radiance.

50 Min. € 76,00 Enquire treatment Book treatment

Ultrasonic facial lift

Ultrasonic lifting express treatment. Using ultrasonic frequencies, high-tech natural active ingredients are absorbed safely into the deeper layers of the skin. The effect is immediately noticeable, with the skin appearing smoother and firmer.

50 Min. € 84,00 Enquire treatment Book treatment

Supreme ultrasonic facial lift

The ultimate in ultrasonic lifting! Thanks to its ultrasonic frequencies, this premium intensive care treatment leaves the face looking firmer, fresher and with a youthful glow.

80 Min. € 120,00 Enquire treatment Book treatment

Advanced bio lifting

Intensive treatment with biodynamic lifting. Experience a truly unique beauty treatment which gives immediately visible results and ensures maximum long-lasting effect. The bio-energetic flower pistil lifting massage supports your skin’s natural ability to self-regulate.

110 Min. € 140,00 Enquire treatment Book treatment

Cellular recreation

Deep action beauty care. A wonderful, natural skincare treatment tailored specifically to your skin’s needs. It has an immediate effect, thanks to the highly effective natural active ingredients, perfect for giving you healthy and thoroughly pampered skin.

80 Min. € 106,00 Enquire treatment