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Zeit zu zweit

Feel-good treatments for couples

Take time for yourselves, switch off and indulge all your senses. Treat yourselves to a couples massage or a relaxation bath with your partner.

Time for two

Caribbean Feeling

Enjoy some divine time as a couple in our bath for two and relax together with a soothing Caribbean bath. After a lavish soak in peace, we will pamper you with a full body massage with nourishing avocado oil or scented coconut oil.
Price for 2 people

120 Min. € 188,00 Enquire treatment

Romeo & Juliet

Treat yourself to a wonderfully relaxing spa experience! You will be pampered with an aromatic salt exfoliation, followed by the delicately fragrant bath together. After a peaceful soak, this pampering package is topped off with a feel-good back massage.
Price for 2 people

120 Min. € 204,00 Enquire treatment

Seventh Heaven

Enjoy sensual time as a couple!
We will take you to Seventh Heaven with the romantic Cleopatra bath in
the Floating Shell by candlelight, followed by a wonderfully
relaxing back massage with nourishing “Happiness” body oil.
Price for 2 people

90 Min. € 158,00 Enquire treatment

Magic Floating

Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness together in the Floating Shell and
relax afterwards with a back massage with exotic essences.
Price for 2 people

90 Min. € 194,00 Enquire treatment

Salt for Health & Beauty

A wonderfully relaxing combination of weightlessness
in the Floating Shell, topped off with a restful session in the salt grotto.

Price for 1 person: €70.00

Price for 2 people: €124.00

105 Min. € 70,00 Enquire treatment
105 Min. € 124,00

Dead Sea salt grotto

The beautifully designed salt grotto is a wonderful place to relax.
The pure saline air has a positive effect on the respiratory tract, bronchial tubes and the body as a whole.

45 Min. € 15,00 Enquire treatment

Cleopatra bath

Immerse yourself in Egyptian bathing traditions and enjoy a luxurious bath of beauty as a cosy twosome. A fragrant formulation of skin smoothing milk proteins, moisturising honey and intensely nourishing almond oil will envelop your skin.
Price for 2 people!

45 Min. € 78,00 Enquire treatment

Blue Lagoon

This pampering bath is sure to lead to deep relaxation and perfect harmony.  The fine scent of selected oils is noticeably relaxing and will give you a deep sense of well-being and renewed strength.
Price for 2 people!

45 Min. € 78,00 Enquire treatment