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Classic and from around the world


Partial body massage

Deep manipulation releases blockages and relieves muscle tension - you can choose between back or legs.

25 Min. € 42,00 Enquire treatment Book treatment

Full body massage

Classic massage techniques loosen your muscles with gentle or heavy pressure. They also relieve tension and release new energy.

50 Min. € 72,00 Enquire treatment Book treatment

Foot reflex zone massage

Our entire body is reflected in the feet.
Through the foot’s reflex zones, organs and the lymphatic and nervous systems can be stimulated or relaxed, and blockages can be cleared. We will activate your self-healing powers and harmonise your body.

50 Min. € 72,00 Enquire treatment Book treatment

Combination massage

A soothing combination of a relaxing back massage and a harmonizing foot reflex zone massage. Through the reflex zones, we can also have a positive effect on back pain.

50 Min. € 72,00 Enquire treatment Book treatment

Lymphatic drainage

This gentle massage technique with its draining and purifying effect stimulates the lymphatic system and boosts the immune system.

50 Min. € 72,00 Enquire treatment

Feel-good massage

A blissful gentle full body massage using the aromatic oil of your choice. Relaxing strokes boost your energy flow, restore your inner balance and create a profound sense of wellbeing.

50 Min. € 74,00 Enquire treatment Book treatment

Caribbean oil massage

A soothing massage with premium coconut oil that nourishes the skin and relaxes the muscles.

25 Min. € 45,00 Enquire treatment Book treatment
50 Min. € 76,00

Relaxing head & neck massage

Special massage techniques, combined with potent plant extracts, gently release tension in the head, neck, and shoulders.

50 Min. € 82,00 Enquire treatment Book treatment

Vitality massage

This vitalising full body massage, using arnica and St. John's wort, relieves tension and supports muscle regeneration.

50 Min. € 76,00 Enquire treatment Book treatment

Inner balance chakra massage

Pure, gently scented oils for the chakras, energetic massage techniques and the targeted use of precious stones all work together to lead to deep relaxation.

50 Min. € 78,00 Enquire treatment Book treatment

Breuss massage

An energetic balancing spine massage with natural St. John’s wort oil for regenerating the intervertebral discs.

25 Min. € 45,00 Enquire treatment

Dorn Breuss treatment

A gentle treatment to overcome blockages in the vertebra and to return them to their anatomically correct position. It will help to relieve pain or limited mobility.

50 Min. € 82,00 Enquire treatment

Please note that, in addition to the actual massage, the specified treatment time also includes an opening and closing discussion with your therapist, time for you to change and the required rest period.