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Spa holidays in Austria: relax in Geinberg
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Water is the source

The thermal spring in Geinberg, containing sodium bicarbonate, chloride, minerals and sulphur, is recognised as medicinal water and is included as so-called sulphurous medicinal water on the list of natural health-promoting substances in Austria, which also defines the effects and indications for application. The sulphur in the water is absorbed by the skin and breathed into the bronchial tubes. From there, it passes into the rest of the body, where it then has a healing effect. The blood supply to the skin and muscles is improved and, beyond that, the pleasantly warm water harmonises mind, body and soul.

Applications for our thermal spring water:

  • rheumatic diseases and musculoskeletal disorders
    (arthritis, muscular rheumatism, neuralgia, post-operative care and following accidents etc.)
  • dermatological conditions, such as acne, chronic eczema (psoriasis, neurodermatitis)
    and skin allergies

In the Caribbean salt water lagoon, the salt in the water (approx. 3% salt content) has a soothing, nourishing and relaxing effect on the skin. Just dive in!

Our recommendation: The beneficial properties of the thermal water are enhanced when combined with rest and relaxation. Please remember that the high water temperature can increase blood pressure. Our doctor recommends spending an average of 30 minutes in the water for adults, or 15 minutes for children.

Spa in the Innviertel region: Therme Geinberg’s sports pool
Therme Geinberg’s pool area


Artesian water flow 241/sec = 2.073 m³/day
Source temperature 100.6° Celsius
pH-value 7.15
Density 0.999 g/ml
Redox potential + 22 mV
Depth 2.100 m
Electrical conductivity 1.34 mS/cm (at 25° C)
Electrical conductivity 1.207 mS/cm (at 20° C
Chemical analysis data
Sodium 91.94% (cations)
Hydrogen carbonate 63.20% (anions)
Chloride 33.32% (anions)
m - silicic acid 87.4 mg/l
o - boric acid 9.8 mg/l
dissolved carbon dioxide 65.0 mg/l
dissolved hydrogen sulphide 1.9 mg/l
bivalent sulphur 4.5 mg/l

trace elements

iron, barium, nitrates, nitrites, etc.
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