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Sport with others is even more fun!

Many things in life are better when done with others, and it’s the same with sport. Mutual motivation, expert instruction and supervision, and a comprehensive range of daily activities, ensure guests enjoy a healthy amount of exercise - from relaxing aqua fitness sessions in the thermal outdoor pool to challenging workouts, and Pilates in the Vitality Spa. The range of active options is as varied as the guests that visit Spa Resort Geinberg. All first-time visitors have the opportunity to attend a free instruction session on how to use the equipment in the fitness center.

Advice and registration: Tel. +43 7723 8500 2515, e-mail or in the online reservation system.

Registration for evening sessions: 17.00 at the latest

Cancellations: At the latest 2 hours prior to commencement. Later cancellations incur a 100% charge for session costs

Group fitness

Reserve your place on the fitness sessions you would like to take part in now - 1, 2, click ... booked!

Aqua Fitness

Complete body training with or withoug devices: strenght, mobility and endurance in the water.

20 Min. € 0,00 Enquire treatment


A yoga unit that strives to find balance between body and spirit.

50 Min. € 13,00 Enquire treatment
80 Min. € 13,00


Classic yoga elements merge with dance-like step sequences. The focus here is on flowing movement sequences based on whole-body exercises that improve strength, posture, mobility, balance and coordination.

50 Min. € 13,00 Enquire treatment

Jumping Fitness

Intense but gentle on the joints endurance training on trampolines.

50 Min. € 13,00 Enquire treatment

Core Training

Targeted strengthening of the stabilizing deep muscles in the middle of the body.

50 Min. € 13,00 Enquire treatment

Body workout

Complete body training and simple motion sequences with dumbbells and barbells.

50 Min. € 13,00 Enquire treatment


Complete body training using your own body weight, especially for deep muscles and your core.

50 Min. € 13,00 Enquire treatment

HIIT – high intensity interval training

A high-intensity interval training that pushes your physical limits and melts excess body fat.

50 Min. € 13,00 Enquire treatment


Complete body training with training devices in order to strenghten back and core.

50 Min. € 13,00 Enquire treatment

Spinning (from 23.10.)

Endurance group training on indoor spinning bikes.

60 Min. € 13,00 Enquire treatment

Hot Iron

Strength endurance training with barbells with basic exercises such as squats or deadlifts, important movement patterns are trained effectively and all main muscle groups are strengthened.

50 Min. € 13,00 Enquire treatment