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Spa Hotel with oriental saunas in Upper Austria
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HamMam Ritual

Enchant your senses


Relaxation in the world of the Arabian Nights

  1. Marble basin (kurna):first, fill the silver bowl with lukewarm water and pour it gently over your body. You can repeat this ritual as often as you like while you are in the hammam.
  2. Serail mud bath: allow yourself to acclimatise to the heat and high humidity, which opens your pores.
  3. Exfoliation room: scrub your body with the exfoliating glove in vigorous circular upward movements, and then lather up with olive oil soap. Leave the soap to soak into the skin, then scrub your body with the exfoliating glove. Finally, rinse off the remaining soap in the shower.
  4. Navel stone (heart of the hammam): Wrap yourself in your hammam towel and enjoy some wonderful relaxation on the heated navel stone.
  5. Conclusion: At the end of the hammam ritual, swap your pestemal towel for a bathrobe, breathe in the fresh air in the open courtyard and relax with a glass of tea in the Oriental tea bar.

You will find an overview of our rituals here.

Oriental World

Embark upon a mysterious journey into the world of spectacular Middle Eastern rituals and Oriental bathing traditions.
We will whisk you off to a fairytale world of
hammam – a true feast for the senses.

The Sultan’s Ritual

Indulge in a cleansing partial body scrub with the exfoliating glove and a soothing partial body soap massage. Then relax with a pampering foot massage.

30 Min. € 58,00 Enquire treatment

The Sultan’s Jewel

Enjoy a very special hammam experience! Your skin is gently scrubbed with an exfoliating glove, then your body is covered in soft, light foam with a soothing soapy massage. This treatment is topped off with a wonderfully relaxing head and foot massage.

60 Min. € 88,00 Enquire treatment

Roses from Marrakesh

Experience an Oriental cleansing ritual with exclusive black olive soap combined with a nourishing body scrub. Then relax into a full-body massage with scented oils.

75 Min. € 106,00 Enquire treatment

A Day in the Desert

Dream of the exotic during a desert sand scrub while the luxurious argan oil mesmerises your senses and gentle strokes pamper your body. The highlight of this treatment is the soothing massage with hand-made herbal compresses.

75 Min. € 140,00 Enquire treatment

Delays & Cancellations

Out of respect for subsequent guests, we ask for your understanding that in case of delay on your part, this will be deducted from the treatment time.

If you are unable to meet your appointment, we ask you to cancel it at least 24 hours in advance, as we do have to charge 100 % of the appointments which are neighter kept nor cancelled in time. The same conditions apply for appointments in form of a voucher or day spa bookings.

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