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green Geinberg

Sustainable action for a better future

"All that is against nature has no end in sight" Charles Darwin  

Because the topic of sustainability is very important to us, we are constantly looking for ideas on how we can carry out our daily activities at the SPA Resort in an even more resource-friendly way. We are already implementing numerous environmentally friendly measures within the Therme.

Green spa

Our constant contribution

Measures in our thermal spa gastronomies:
  • Products from regional suppliers, including butchery products, vegetables, beverages and beer
  • Reusable containers and large units for beer, taproom and water sectors  
  • Regional recycler (Bachschweller) in the field of biowaste disposal  
  • Waste separation (paper, plastic, glass, wood, porcelain)  
  • Compostable straws instead of plastic straws  
  • Conversion of PET bottles to 100 percent recycled bottles

Acts say more than words

We prove sustainability with our work

Measures of the spa cleaning:  

  • Avoid plastic waste by switching from detergents to high concentrates and to inhouse bottle filling system for detergents.  
  • Only fresh flowers:  artificial flowers (plastic) are not used throughout the resort

insect hotel- "bee" welcome

Our houses for bees and bugs at the Caribbean lagoon

The most frequent inhabitants of an insect hotel

  • Butterflies are not only pretty to look at, also important insects for every garden  
  • Lacewings (larvae feed exclusively on aphids)  
  • Earwigs use the hotel to spend the winter and to raise their offspring.  
  • Wild bee larvae spend the winter in the hotel and swarm out as young bees and pollinate the plants in their surroundings. 
  • Ladybugs: Their diet includes lice (shield lice and aphids), spider mites and occasionally even fungal infestations on plants.
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