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  • Places to visit near spa hotel in Geinberg
  • Day trips from the spa hotel in Upper Austria
  • Day trips from the spa hotel in Austria
  • Innviertel region at the thermal resort: places to visit in Upper Austria


Over hills and along rivers: excursion tips for the Innviertel-Hausruck region

Spa breaks in Austria: places to visit
The Daringer Art Museum


Visit the DARINGER art museum in Aspach! Calm, peace and relaxation can be found in the treasures of art, just as in nature.


Reichersberg Abbey sits majestically above the river Inn. Arcaded walkways and onion-domed turrets border the baroque building, built around two courtyards. It is owned by the Augustine canons, who have lived and worked here for over 900 years. In addition to their pastoral work, they also devote a lot of time to cultural activities. 

Spa breaks in Austria with sightseeing
View of Reichersberg Abbey
Day trips from the spa hotel in Upper Austria
Sunset in Hagenau


This region has achieved international renown as a nature reserve and bird sanctuary. It provides information about ecosystems and their inter-relationships, the dynamics of the river and the habitats of plants and animals. Specific experiences involving all the senses help us to discover the special environmental features, as well as to learn to respect them and see just how important unspoilt nature is for us all. Top tip: don’t forget your binoculars!

No matter the season, there’s plenty to explore and observe throughout the landscapes surrounding the river Inn. 

Beer region Innviertel

Surprising as its drink

The Innviertel is known for its tasty beer. Nowhere else do so many breweries jostle each other in a confined space. This strength is concentrated in the "Beer Region Innviertel".

With seven private breweries and more than sixty types of beers, the region hides a true treasure trove of taste and enjoyment.

Thermal resort, Upper Austria: places to visit around Geinberg
Cooling off in the water


The ultimate ski-jumping experience - a 200m jump for everyone to try!

Want to experience being a ski-jumper for the day?

Secured using state-of-the-art mountaineering equipment, you will fly high in the air along a steel cable, all the way down to your safe landing. 


The amateur flying club, SFC Ried, has trained hundreds of glider and aircraft pilots at the airfield in Kirchheim, which has existed for fifty years.

Spa vacations teamed with adventure in Geinberg
Flying lessons
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